Anzco 11KV Switch Gear Upgrade


ANZCO Foods Waitra Ltd


Waitara - North Taranaki

About This Project

ANZCO is one of New Zealand’s largest exporters, has sales of NZ$1.3bn and employs over 3,000 staff worldwide.

In 2014 a Taranaki Regional Council project to bolster the Waitara river flood defences created three issues for ANZCO. The first issue was new flood defences called for the construction of a 700m flood wall that ran directly through one of their 11KV sub stations. The second issue was ¾ of the site 11KV network was on legacy Magnafix switchgear which raised genuine reliability concerns with the site engineering team. The third issue was that the site had to keep up with production and couldn’t be shut down to install new equipment.

Greaves Electrical were called to design and engineer a solution to move the substation, replace the ageing equipment and keep the plant going.

A solution was proposed and accepted. This involved the construction of a new 11KV switch room complete with transformer bays and 2 new 3.3KV motor starters, installation of a ring main connection cable, removal of old Magnafix switch gear, installation of new switch gear, testing, commission, livening and as-built drawings.

The installation was completed with minimal down time using a combination of staged installation, back feeds and temporary generators meaning the factory could keep producing.

“The solution Greaves have provided gives me peace of mind that the plant will have a reliable power supply for the next 20 years. All the installation has been completed on time with hardly any plant down time, which is important to us here at ANZCO”

Roger Dobson

Engineering Manager

ANZCO Foods Waitara Ltd