At Greaves Electrical we have an organisational culture where health & safety is instinctive and integrated into how we do business and we understand the value this brings to our employees, our customers and our company.

We are committed to our industry and community, and we want everyone to safely return home to their families at the end of the working day.

Our safety vision is, to have a high performance safety culture based on continuous improvement and to operate an injury free workplace.

We maintain strong connections with organisations that drive health and safety improvement in New Zealand industry, with the following memberships and accreditation’s:

  • ACC: Tertiary Standard Accreditation for ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices

  • Impac PREQUAL Contractor Pre-Qualification

Whether you are a client, a consultant, a subcontractor, a supplier, or one of our own staff members, you can rely on Greaves to prioritize your health and safety.

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Our Company - Our Culture

These are our company non negotiable safety rules that as a group we selected because of there relevance to our people and our business.